This is our second time returning to Aquavit, one of our favourite restaurants in London. My husband is a seafood lover and loves trying every dish on the menu. For me, I was completely blown away by the Arctic’s bird nest. It was unlike any dessert I’ve ever eaten – the contrasting textures (crunchy and soft, hot and cold, sweet and bitter) makes it a dessert that is unforgettable.
Sarah Yoon Ai Ng
Central location,this restaurant can’t leave everyone indifferent. Modern, elegant atmosphere inside, pleasant service and a food,
What a food! I even don’t remember so tiny ingredients what being included in the dishes) And how it was presented !
If you going to be close by, just open a door and a Pleasant evening will be guaranteed to you.
Nataliya V
A wonderful and nice super-scandinavian restaurant in London.
The Swedish classics, with snaps and drinks that fits with the dishes.
Book in advance, difficult to get a table during weekends. Strict, clean and wooden interior adds to the Scandinavian ambiance.
Great food, good wine list and attentive staff.
Niklas Thulin
We had a wonderful dinner at Aquavit, and I loved absolutely everything we ordered. Plus the atmosphere! Thanks for the team serving us brilliantly and for four and a half hours! I will definitely visit again.
Cindy TCT
A meal that very much surprised me. Opened my eyes to how sophisticated Swedish food can be. Really enjoyed my meal and the experience and would return. I had the smoked salmon with dill sauce, Swedish meatballs and crepes for dessert which were all lovely and dishes I would struggle not to order again.
Christine Lim
I only came here for a drink, but I loved the decor. Very Scandi with plenty of wood and high ceilings. Great location away from the chaos and tourist traps of Piccadilly. Service was friendly and efficient. I think I would like to eat here one day.
Alistair Millar

A very elegant restaurant with a lovely atmosphere. We did not eat on this occasion, but enjoyed a couple of drinks at the bar whilst waiting for friends (thank you for accommodating us and allowing us in out of the cold!). However, the food did look and smell incredible and after the lovely experience we had we shall definitely be returning for dinner soon!

Mark Richards

Great restaurant experience and some of the best prepared fish I had anywhere. Loved the umami of the liquorice jus, together with the very well grilled stone bass (deliciously slightly crispy on one side). The table also had Houghton spring trout, incredibly delicate and flavourful on a creamy yet light (sandefjord) sauce, and a bolder tasting halibut.
By then we were already swooned to have found a new favourite restaurant in London. We didn’t know the dessert with the arctic birds nest would change our life. Go there just for that, before you do anything else! Put your phone down, get going!
The service was friendly and unobtrusive, and our waiter commented on all our orders with a classic “very well!”
Loved it

Flo Tsu

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